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The Laboratory of Atmospheric Optics (LOA) and the company CIMEL collaborate since 1990 in the development of photometry applied to the measurement of aerosols and water vapor (AERONET network), and more recently (2005) on aerosols LiDARs.


Several research axes of LOA are in line with these scientific and technological issues.


The CIMEL company is recognized as a leader in atmospheric photometry and develops integrated solutions like AAMS (Automatic Aerosol Monitoring Solutions), photometers, and LiDARs, for global observation networks.

The Laboratory of Atmospheric Optics (LOA) is a joint research unit of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of France and the University of Lille - Sciences and Technologies specialized in the study of clouds, aerosols and their environmental impacts (climate, pollution). 

They are a world pioneer in the research of aerosol
variability and interactions by fixed and mobile
automatic measurements.

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Cimel is a French manufacturer of remote sensing solutions (Photometers/LiDARs/AAMS/Radiometers…) for atmospheric and environmental monitoring.

Cimel is also well-known for being the exclusive supplier of sun/sky/lunar photometers for NASA-AERONET global network dedicated to aerosol monitoring through satellite-based and ground-based instruments.

This way, Cimel is able to answer the needs of new potential markets and various related applications such as meteorology, air quality and climate change.

Its core mission is to be the link between Scientific Research Community and the Industrial World to develop innovative technologies & operational solutions.

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